Do you rent or lease out one of your properties? A house, an apartment or maybe a cottage?

Are you hoping to get better ratings or make sure you start off with only good ratings before you even list it for the first time? Short term or Long term rental or maybe you are selling your home?

Leave the design and decor to an expert!   Your property can benefit more than you know with a visit from a professional award winning Interior Designer and Decorator; to improve the appearance of the space you are showing in online advertising to potential renters or even buyers. The photos are critical in attracting potential clients, setting the tone of the property and causing an instant reaction.  Interior pictures are key elements for a person to send you a request to rent/ lease. More and more potential renters & buyers are making these decisions online without even seeing the property in person. The photos you post are a very important, crucial part of their decision making along with price and location. Photos of what it looks like is where it all starts. Let me help you catch their eye, get their attention and keep them interested before they move on to the next property and forget yours.

An interior designer can offer an unbiased opinion on what is the current style; how to attract renters with paint colour and furniture selection.  With years of experience, a professional decorator can help you command a higher rent and keep it rented with an interior design refresh or complete overhaul.

Interior Design & Decor consulting is billed on an hourly basis therefore we can decide together on how little or how much help your property needs. 

I recently helped a Client in Oakville with a very large beautiful property in a high end prestigious area where she was leasing out for the first time looking for a long term renter. I helped her from the Pre-construction stage right to the furniture, Art, area rugs, lighting and so much more as she was listing it furnished.   She wanted to attract a professional with a Family.  She was so happy with the results!

Help rent your property faster by using interior design to help style it to be more appealing     When renovating a rental property, start on the right foot by hiring a interior decorator to style it for appeal.


My initial intention for this blog came about from my own personal experience renting an apartment for my Family to visit when we travel. I prefer to live like a local rather than from hotels when our stays are for more than a few days.  It is unfortunate when I skip through properties online when I see something in the decor that turns me away and I move on to the next property.  If only they could take the advice from a qualified Designer they would very likely have less bookings available (if it is the decor that hinders). Of course, when renting a furnished vacation home, their service, cleanliness and location is very important to me as well however it starts with the photos. If we feel we can be comfortable with the interior, we then move onto the rest of the details of the renter’s page such as the amenities, reviews etc. I only stay on their listing if their Decor has not turned me away first. I am ready to pay top dollar if I know I will get what I pay for.

I have been helping homeowners since I first started my Interior Design and Decorating business in 2005 and I love seeing them return to me for more advice on an ongoing basis whether it be with the same property, their cottage or other investment properties they take on. I am well know as the Toronto, Oakville and Etobicoke Designer. I have also taken on many other projects in the surrounding GTA & TheSix areas and do my work with great pride. I love what I do and I hope to help you love your home or investment property with top dollar return. I am your Designer if your buyer or renter has great taste and is willing to pay top dollar for a short term or long term home they will love, brag about to their friends and return to you the next time they are in town.

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